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Catching up Sauteurs, Grenada, Thursday, 05 January 2017 12:45pm

Well, I've clearly not been keeping up with updating this...

After hiking on New Year's Day, we did a couple more days of diving. Conditions were generally better than on the first few days. Visibility has been improving. Some highlights: a Longsnout Seahorse, lots of Stingray sightings, several Hawskbill Turtles, and a reef in great shape at Flamingo Bay (in the Marine Park).

We checked out of our rented apartment and headed north, pausing in Gouyave to visit the Nutmeg Processing Collective. There was a short, but informative tour where we saw different grades of mace and nutmegs.

Our accommodation for the rest of the trip is a cottage overlooking the Caribbean. We did a whole lot of lounging on the day we arrived, and I got caught up on processing my underwater photos (mostly terrible, as is to be expected with a tiny camera and a flashlight for illumination).

Today we went on a short hike (1.5mi RT) from Concord Falls (a tourist trap) to Fontainbleu Falls (the local water supply). We passed nutmeg trees, sorrel fields, pumpkin vines, and banana trees. The pool at the end of the hike was nice, but the mosquitos were out in full force.

We had lunch on the Atlantic side of the island and returned to our cottage. We tried snorkeling, but the tide was coming in and the breakers were a little too much for a casual swim.