Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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To Grenada St. George's, Grenada, Tuesday, 27 December 2016 4:02pm

This is the first time that I've arrived in a country and been escorted directly from the airport to the police station. It usually takes a bit longer for things to get to that stage.

Adrienne's sister Carly was kind enough to drive us to DFW, where we waited in lots of lines, but eventually got our scuba bag checked. For some reason the airline let me select really nice seats on the flight from DFW to Miami, so we luxuriated in lie-flat loungers for the first flight. It made the second flight seem extra-cramped, but it was uneventful.

It seems that Grenada's airport used to hold the record for longest runway in the world, so we got to see a former record-holder. The customs agent was amusing. It seemed like she was trying to think of questions to ask us, but after three or four questions she gave up and waved us through.

We were greeted by two young guys from the rental car company. We had a quick chat with one of them (the drunk one) about what to do for New Years, and they gave us a ride over to the police station, where we paid our $24 each and got temporary driver's licenses.

Checked in at our lodgings (Cool Runnings), and then walked to the place that both the drunk guy and the security guard at Cool Runnings recommended. It was a bumping club with an attached pizza & burger joint. Adrienne was disappointed that nobody was actually dancing.